Our Newest Addition: Cannabis Oil Oral Sprays

May 9, 2019

Our Newest Addition:

Cannabis Oil Oral Sprays


Oral sprays are the newest format to Aphria’s oil portfolio. They offer different benefits than our standard bottled oils and new softgels.

A graduated dropped, like the one provided with our bottled oils, is ideal for first time users because it allows patients to start low and gradually increase their dose over time until they find an effect dosage amount. Softgels are a convenient, pre-measured option for those who know their effective dose. Now, oral sprays offer patients a discreet, travel-friendly oil option that is ideal for micro-dosing.

Aphria’s Champlain and Capilano oils are now available in the oral spray format.

Convenient and Discreet Dispensing

Aphria’s oral sprays use the same oil that you’ll find in our bottled oils, at the same potencies. The difference is that the oral spray format provides the oil in a 15 mL spray bottle. The smaller size and spray dispenser allow for easy transportation of patients’ medication and make it easy and discreet to consume on the go.

Ideal for Micro-Dosing

Aphria’s oral sprays dispense a pre-measured volume of oil with each pump. Each spray, when fully pressed down, is 0.1mL of oil. This allows a patient to take low and slow doses of cannabis oil throughout the day – a practice often called “micro-dosing”. Micro-dosing involves the consumption of cannabis at low potency, regular doses.

No Need to Measure

Measuring small amounts of oil with a dropper may challenging and time consuming to some, in particular those with mobility issues. Spray bottles remove this step by rapidly dispensing a fixed amount (0.1 mL per pump) of oil into the mouth.

Backed by Aphria’s Quality Promise

Just like our other oil formats, oral sprays are produced using our C02 extraction process. The pure cannabis extract is diluted in medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and packaged under manufacturing practices that are certified against GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards by an independent third-party. At every step, they’re backed by our Seed-to-Sale Certified quality guarantee that ensures the standards for cleanliness and safety of all our products.

Similar to our softgel option, oral sprays are another way to consume the cannabis oil that many patients have come to know and trust. For patients looking for a discreet, travel-friendly oil format or are interested micro-dosing, the oral sprays meet their needs.


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THC 20:1 – Oral Spray

(Formerly Champlain)

THC:CBD 10:13 – Oral Spray

(Formerly Capilano)

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